logo Prosperity Queens; a Crown with cryptocoins

Desiree has made the long journey from her head to her heart. Her survival mode taught her to be safe in her thoughts and not to acknowledge her feelings at all. She shut them in. During her self discovery she learned to open up to these feelings and see the empowerment it can bring. This of course being the pearl hidden in the muck. She became a therapist helping people to heal the traumas in their lives and helping them to find their own pearls to work with.

Today she has embarked on a new journey in which we rewire our limiting beliefs about money and financial abundance. She has relighted the artist in herself and has put these artistic qualities to use. She has created many beautiful websites with her web-design company, The site you are looking at right now is one from her creative hand.

Become the change you wish to see in the world.

Ine has made the journey in quite the opposite direction. She was feeling too much! Having no boundaries and picking up on energies and emotions from her surroundings made her feel confused and weak. Not having the ability to distinguish what was hers and what belonged to others. Slowly but surely the discovery of boundaries created safety and a comfortable way of interacting with the world. Ine has encouraged and helped others reach their own potential via her therapy work together with plant medicines. This has been a journey from the heart and is now balanced by the head. The two energies male and female working together to create magic.

Today I am burning to let more people rediscover this awesome balance between the heart and the head. One that creates abundance for others as well as for yourself.

Making the world a better place by co-creation and wellbeing for all.

Prosperity starts in your heart, not in your pocket!