The new economy is based on values like collaboration, sharing and equality. We all work together in order for everyone to benefit. This is the change we, at Prosperity Queens, wish to share with you. Just like the name sounds, a collaboration economy involves working together (or collaborating) to boost business (your economy). It is about partnerships, mentorships and connections. It is about realizing that when we work together, we can all work together.

Put simply, a collaboration economy is 1 + 1 = 3 (or even more).

The world we know is changing rapidly. The changes in our economy are changing just as fast.

We are on the verge of a new era that we have no compass for. The transition into a new paradigm will ask us to change with it.

Prosperity across the globe is the fundamental goal of all the companies we are affiliated with or members of. They have embraced the technology of blockchain because it provides them with the opportunity to serve all of their members and provide a means for everyone to earn an active or passive income. An income that can be added to or go beyond what they currently earn.

This is what the collaboration economy is all about. Utilizing technology to create equality.

We love to connect with the companies below. They have one common interest; helping you to more financial freedom.

We have the same goal and are willing to show you how you can create limitless financial abundance if you are willing to do the work. Yes, work! This is a business and it requires time and dedication. It requires you to learn or hone the skills necessary to be successful in the networking industry.

An idea shared is an idea multiplied.

Growing Global Prosperity – Vitae

Vitae is not just a social media platform. It is you. It is us. It is an ever-expanding group of motivated people who want to change this world by growing global prosperity. It is a dedicated community, built on durable relationships that cross geographical and even virtual boundaries. Vitae is vital because it’s alive. Vitae is vital because it matters.

Mutual respect, self-respect, and learning form the basis of our vibrant community. Core values that enable each of us to become the best version of ourselves, by sharing the Vitae opportunity with everyone.

Why do we love our community, you ask? Our answer is simple: the sole purpose of our Vitae community is to create global prosperity. Share the world, share the wealth.

“Empowering new dimensions” – Global Technology Innovation LLC

Global Technology Innovation LLC has this mission statement on its website. “Our founders, Sven Lefeber and Jhony Depresseux dreamt of creating a company with the potential to change the way the traditional economy works utilising the power of modern technology. Instead of integrating a traditional business model, they dared to utilise the power of a 3-way cash flow economy in the most unusual industry, high-end digital tech. With their first product in hand to enhance the trading operations in the Forex market, they created smart algorithms to multiply their results and efficiency, this has now evolved into a Digital Crypto Asset Portfolio. Global Tech has been working on Research and Development. Global Tech is still focused on its consistent vision of helping as many people as possible to enjoy high-quality life by leveraging the power of technological automation.”

“Sharing is caring” – the Circle

The Circle App is a decentralized peer-to-peer smart contract built on a patented AI crypto trading technology to help people around the world leverage the crypto market without expertise.

Helping people gain more financial freedom.

eggs in a nest

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

So come and join us on this thrilling new venture into the new economic era
where we all work together to find out that we simply work together!

Prosperity starts in your heart, not in your pocket!