We, Desiree and Ine, have been actively creating more financial freedom for over three years now and have mastered more than the basics. We have invited ourselves to reach past our comfort zone and have helped each other past several hurdles along the way. We both have different skill sets which complement each other and we are grateful for the insights, the actions taken and the mentorship between us. If this journey has taught us anything it would be a greater knowledge of who we are and what our strengths and weaknesses are.

But above all, it has taught us that we can bring the values closest to our hearts to this new playground. Being a good mentor, a supportive person, and a good listener has made all the difference! We are ready for the next level, and that is to bring the fabulous world of crypto-oriented businesses and financial freedom to more people wanting to expand their horizon. Helping them learn all they can to create financial abundance in their lives. This can be done in combination with network marketing models or not, it is your choice!


The network marketing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are many people earning millions of dollars in the industry, the big earners! And yes, it could be possible to earn a lot of money. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all earn more money than we are making now! How?

By becoming better people, while earning more.
By learning to give more, while earning more.
By seeing others prosper, while earning more.
By being of service to others instead of service to self, while earning more.

By starting with the heart we want to bring values to network marketing that you did not expect from this business. Bringing the heart into the equation makes it all worthwhile! Because the number #1 goal we strive for, is making your life better and more abundant than it is today on a scale that goes beyond finances. By helping you become your best self. Helping you relieve yourself of your limiting beliefs we can help you help others. Because to enter into this new adventure you will not have to distance yourself from the warm-hearted, good intentional person you are right now! In fact, we will ask you to develop these traits even more!

So welcome to our website and we hope your journey with us will be happy, fulfilling and abundant!

Prosperity starts in your heart, not in your pocket!