Opening an Upgrade account


Empowering financial freedom

In this world, we cannot function alone. We need one another in order to flourish and grow. This is also the case for Vitae. This social media platform cannot bloom on its own! It needs a dedicated community to use the platform. It needs a dedicated community who wish to share valuable and interesting content with each other in order to grow. We, the community are the most valuable part of Vitae!

Do you wish to give your energy and effort to grow this company? Are you ready for the future? And a new social media age where members are respected and treated as customers? Where you are able to speak your truth and share your thoughts without being censured? Do you want to be part of a platform that shares its revenues with its members?

Basic membership is 100% free. This will never change. Every member can upgrade for 199,99$ per month. This will allow access to a variety of extra features and to build your own business within our MLM 2.0 program.

We will continue to add extra features for premium members. These are some of the premium features:

  1. Exclusive games:
    Play videogames with other members of the community.
  2. Different B2B opportunities.
  3. Facetime: Speak facetime to other members of the community.
  4. Enjoy the best educational material about Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Finance and many other subjects.
  5. Group- and studiochatrooms are a must for the platform to develop greater interaction, engagement and opportunity for all.

It’s never been easier to earn an income on a social media platform than on the Vitae social media platform as they do not depend on sponsors nor advertisers. You can only join the Vitae network if you get invited. When you’ve become a member, you can start inviting people yourself. Expanding your network will result in financial rewards. The person that invited you will also receive a reward if you expand your network and so on. This is one of the pillars Vitae relies on. It is powerful and it creates opportunities for every user. Your network is important for Vitae to expand its community over the world. So let your network work for you and you will be rewarded. Our unique system allows anyone to earn active or passive income. Join us now during the pioneer (Beta) phase and help us create a solid foundation for the platform that is going to alter social media as we know it!

When Upgrading your account you will automatically take part in the Purpose Sunburst. The commission paid in this Sunburst is explained in the following video.

Prosperity starts in your heart, not in your pocket!