Professional Vitae Ambassador


An ambassador for Vitae is someone who has an in-depth knowledge of Vitae. Someone who sees and values the potential the company is offering.

When you have understood this potential and are willing to put in the work to build a passive income over time and help Vitae grow in members supporting and working with the movement. Then you are an ambassador. You will want to make complete use of all the earning models and you have an understanding that when you offer this opportunity to others you will be changing their lives!

Bringing the opportunity to many means transforming the world of social media one account at a time. Bringing the opportunity to many means providing many with a means to earn a little extra every month. Bringing the opportunity to many means growing global prosperity one new member at a time.

Growing memberships worldwide means creating momentum for the company to stand a chance of being the number one social media company of the next era. Growing memberships means finally creating a platform where it is safe to interact, connect and prosper. Where we can truly be ourselves and where we become the best of who we are and sharing that with others! Vitae was created by the people, you will be growing it with the people so that it can be sustained by the people!

By bringing your energy and effort to growing Vitae, the company has a great compensation plan with which you are rewarded for your efforts. The more members you sign up the larger the rewards. Once you get an idea of how the different plans work together you will know that this type of compensation can become a passive income over time. The possibilities are almost endless!!!

Your main focus will be filling your Purpose Sunburst.



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Prosperity starts in your heart, not in your pocket!