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Vitae. Share the world, share the wealth

Vitae is not just a social media platform. It is you. It is us. It is an ever-expanding group of motivated people who want to change this world by growing global prosperity. It is a dedicated community, built on durable relationships that cross geographical and even virtual boundaries. Vitae is vital, because it’s alive. Vitae is vital, because it matters.

Mutual respect, self-respect, and learning form the basis of our vibrant community. Core values that enable each of us to become the best version of ourselves, by sharing the Vitae opportunity with everyone.

The platform offers us:

  • Privacy of our users is key
  • To give our user base the best experience, the Vitae social media platform has an advertisement-free timeline. The Vitae community actively filters the content and the most popular topics (lifestyle, health, sports,…) are encouraged.
  • Users will be rewarded by being active on the platform. Social media platforms exist because of their users.
  • It’s you that’s making the content. It’s you that spreads the word. Why are you not rewarded for these efforts? Vitae shares the wealth. Your activity gets rewarded when you are spending time on Vitae or helping them to grow their user base.
  • Vitae has no intention to capture nor sell data of its users.

The quality of the content is a major concern. All other social media platforms have made sharing too easy. This caused a wild growth of content. Unfortunately, the best content does not obtain the attention it deserves. Vitae applies a different set of rules when it comes to sharing content. Users must pay a small amount of money to share content. This self-regulates the content and prevents low-quality content from stealing attention from high-quality posts. Vitae enables influencers to get the most direct rewards of any social network and for the first time also their followers will enjoy rewards as well.

The above has as primary goal to grow global prosperity by giving access to the platform and its benefits to all layers of the world population.

Stimulating Entrepreneurship through Network Marketing

Become an early adapter. You can enter our community by getting an invitation. Once you’re in, you can invite your friends. This creates accelerating growth. Expanding your network will result in financial rewards. The person that invited you will also receive a reward if you expand your network and so on.

This is one of the pillars Vitae relies on. It is powerful and it creates opportunities for every user. Your network is important for Vitae to expand its community over the world. Not limiting yourself to one country or continent. So let your network work for you and you will be rewarded. This creates equilibrium for all involved with Vitae.

Our cryptocurrency, the Vitae token, makes transferring money easier than ever before. We designed the Vitae token for utility purposes. The people behind Vitae have been dreaming about creating more equality for years. The arrival of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology changed everything. This dream of equality could become a reality. The rocket has launched, and it is gaining speed.

We built the platform from the ground up. Blockchain technology and Multi-level Marketing have made Vitae possible. We’ve put in years of hard work to design and build a system that promotes fairness. A system that’s built for growth. A place where an individual can engage with like-minded people. Vitae provides you with the framework to discover your limitless potential. Vitae will impact your own life and others. Lead by example and others will benefit as well. This community strives to grow global prosperity instead of company profits. This community shares the wealth. Those who can afford it can donate to charity. Equilibrium has been the goal from the start. It was ambitious. We were aiming for the moon. That’s where we’ve landed. Step aboard to discover your potential. Feel the love and unity no other network has ever given you.

The Vitae charity fund. Besides giving everybody the chance for financial freedom by being active on our platform, Vitae has the intention to motivate its users to share a part of their income. The Vitae charity fund will be used to make a better world by helping the less fortunate and by supporting environmental projects.

Three options to becoming a member of Vitae

opening a FREE account
opening an UPGRADE account
becoming an AMBASSADOR for Vitae

Prosperity starts in your heart, not in your pocket!